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Partners with you in the health and care of your pet

St Joe Veterinary Hospital is a full service veterinary medical facility, located in Evansville, IN. St Joe is a multi-year local Readers Choice award winner!  This year two of our veterinarians have been nominated into the Top 3 with the final voting round pending.

The staff at St Joe Veterinary Hospital seek to provide the best pet care possible. We provide medical, surgical, imaging, dental, rehabilitation therapies, preventative healthcare services, and telemedicine consultations for your companion. The St Joe Vets and staff want to be resources and partners in helping you make decisions on your pets healthcare. We know they are part of the family and they deserve care that fits their needs.


If you would like to discuss your pet's specific needs based on her breed, age, size, and lifestyle please request an appointment by clicking the "Request An Appt" button on our "Home" page or call us today!