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We provide many surgery services. Of course elective procedures like spays and neuters. However, we also perform biopsies, remove tumors, perform wound management procedures, and remove ear polyps. We perform emergency surgeries; for example removal of a ruptured spleen, correction of stomach bloat or torsion, removal of intestinal obstructions, removal of a severely infected uterus, cesarean sections, removal of stones from the bladder or lower urinary tract. We perform some limb, digit or tail amputations as necessary.  


Our surgery nurses are very proficient at assisting our veterinarians during these procedures. When possible, they prepare in advance the needs they can anticipate for equipment and patient care. They prepare each patient for surgery and monitor them throughout while providing all the supportive care during the procedure. Your pet will receive pain management, intravenous fluids, cardiac and lung auscultation, electrocardiogram (ECG), oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring, temperature monitoring with warming units adjusted throughout the procedure. 


For planned (non-emergency procedures) the surgery nurse will contact you prior the scheduled date to confirm contact information, provide instructions on what you will need to do in the day(s) prior to your pets procedure and the morning of instructions. They will also provide you a consent form. Please review the form, sign and return it to our office prior to the day of your pets procedure. If an estimate was not previously provided and you would like one, please request it in advance. This helps to avoid the need for an estimate the morning of your pets procedure while the surgery nurses are focused on safely preparing your pet for surgery. 


Most patients will go home the same day in the afternoon following surgery. If a pet has a complication, an additional condition that requires monitoring or an emergency procedure, additional and continued care may be necessary into the following day(s).


If your pet just had surgery and you need any reminders for at home care, check out our Post-Operative Care/ FAQs page in the list to the left.