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New Normal Update

Welcome Back! We are excited to see you again!

We are committed to the health of our team members, patients and clients and community. Thank you to our clients for their patience and understanding.


1) Our lobby remains closed simply due to space. Continue to arrive at your scheduled appointment time. Remain in your car. Call upon your arrival to check in and report your parking spot. A nurse or technician will come to your car to escort you and your pet directly to an exam room. 

2) You may choose between an exam room appointment or a curbside appointment. We request limiting attendance to one person per appointment, excluding euthanasia appointments.

3) Facial coverings are currently optional.


Curbside style appointments remain available for anyone who prefers it for any type of appointment.


Backorderd medications and food items continue to be an issue. Please call to refill well before running out.


Thank you for your patience and understainding as we all work together during this time. We want to be as available as possible because your pets uninterrupted care is our priority.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Also, see "Telemedicine" in "Our Services"!

If you can' t make your schedule align with our schedule, we are happy to help you from the convenience of your own home. 


Saturday Hours: Due to staffing challenges, we are not currently able to remain open on Saturdays. Effective May 21st, 2022, we will be closed on Saturdays.

Please contact us during the week in advance if needing to pick up medications or food.