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COVID-19, Coronavirus

Social Distancing - The best way to avoid becoming ill is to avoid exposure to the virus. We are committed to the health of your pets. We are committed to the health of our team members, clients and community. We are being conscientious during this time and initiating measures to maintain the health and safety of everyone that visits our veterinary facility.

As the recommendations are changing daily, we are continuously adjusting to be responsible, continue to provide you and your pet high quality service and be as cautious and protective for our clients and staff as possible. 

We are currently providing only curbside service. 

We ask that you please do not come in the building. The door is locked, but we are open our normal hours. 

1) Continue to arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

2) Remain in your car & call upon your arrival.

3) A team member will consult with you over the phone about the needs for your appointment. 

4) After preparing the items your pet needs, the team member will come retrieve your pet from your car. 

5) A team member will call you back during the appointment to discuss recommendations and plan. 

6) Payment will be collected over the phone (a receipt will be provided; we can email instead upon request)

7) We will also escort your pet back to your car.

Prescriptions or Food will be brought out to your car in the same manner. We will be doing our best to keep all medications in stock. Please call 3 days in advance of needing your refills. 

Boarding Pets - Do not bring any items from home. Your leash will be handed back to you and no beds, toys or other items will be allowed in the building. Prescriptions and prescription dog food only are allowed.

Our bathroom will be for employee use only during this time.


Thank you for your patience and understainding as we all work together during this time. We want to be as available as possible because your pets uninterrupted care is our priority.

Use the resource below to find up-to-date information and answers to common questions.

FAQs - American Veterinary Medical Association Frequently Asked Questions


Also, see "Telemedicine" in "Our Services"!