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What to Expect Upon Arrival

1) Our lobby is open. Continue to arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

2) You may choose between an exam room appointment or a curbside appointment.

3) For exam room appointment, you are welcome to enter the lobby and check in at the front desk. For curbside appointments, remain in your car and call to check in and report your parking spot. 

3) Facial coverings are optional.


Drop off appointments area also available for those times your pet needs timely attention and your schedule isn't lining up with our available appointment times.


NATIONWIDE VETERINARY SHORTAGE! There is currently a nationwide veterinary shortage and a surplus of pets after the pandemic has settled down. Veterinary staff numbers and availability did not increase with the increase in the pet care demand during this time. This on top of a shortage concern that was already developing in 2005. We are not currently accepting new clients. We do accept new patients for our current clients. With that, we must warn you, that vaccination appointments and surgeries are scheduled out 6-8 weeks at this time. We are accommodating all urgent matters as quickly as possible. Non-urgent matters will be accommodated, though a same day appointment is not usually possible.

For those non-urgent matters, also see "Telemedicine" button in "Our Services" tab!

We are happy to help you from the convenience of your own home. 


Backorderd medications and food items continue to be an issue. Please call to refill prescriptions well before running out.