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There are several types of examinations available at our facility. Whether you are bringing your pet for wellness care or they are sick or injured, the appointment process and examination follow the same format. Of course the individual care at the time of the visit varies based on testing and treatments recommended.


The following are the Steps to Expect:


  • History Collection: All examinations include an initial gathering of information about your pet by the veterinary nurse or assistant. The information you provide helps guide the nurse on preparing materials for the appointment and preparing the veterinarian. The more information provided during your appointment the better we can narrow down the possibilities for your pets affliction and can recommend the best testing options. Whomever is bringing the pet in should be very informed about any concerns with the pet or the informed person should be available by phone if needed. 


  • Veterinarian Examination: The veterinarian will perform a physical examination of your pet. Some portions may vary depending on the concern provided. Generally, the veterinarian is performing a visual assessment of the pets body condition with regards to weight and muscle distribution, assessing hydration status, behavior/ demeanor, eyes, ears, skin, mobility and orthopedic exam, pain, heart and lung sounds, size, shape, position, and texture of the internal organs on abdominal palpation.


  • Consultation and Recommendations: This is the portion of the appointment where the veterinarian will discuss their findings and are likely to ask further questions. The veterinarian will then make recommendations for testing and/ or treatment based on the history at home and the findings for your pet during their examination. Often testing is needed before the appropriate treatments can be determined. Testing of course varies based on your pets individual situation and you will will be an active participant in the decisions made for the care of your pet.