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Individualized Hospital Care

At St. Joe Veterinary Hospital we offer care that is tailored to your pets' specific needs. This is true for all our services as well as in the unfortunate event that your pet becomes very ill and needs hospitalization. When your pet is hospitalized with us, your pets' veterinarian will discuss the specific treatment plan that is needed based on your pets' symptoms, physical exam, and diagnosis.


While your pet is in our care, they will be staying in our treatment area where they are easily within sight of our staff, nurses, and veterinarians. Our nurses diligently follow all the veterinarian's treatment orders ensuring that your pet will recieve all treatments and medications at the appropriate intervals. The licensed veterinary nurse is a highly trained member of the staff that has the primary responsibility caring for your pets' condition, symptoms, and eating habits.


For updates on your pet, call and ask for your pets' veterinary nurse. They will be able to best answer most questions and are in constant contact with the veterinarian about the treament plan. You will be contacted at least once a day from the nurse or doctor that is caring for your pet to give you updates and to alert you of any changes with your pets' condition and/or treatment plan.


If your pet is diagnosed with a highly contagious disease, we also have an isolation ward to ensure the prevention of spreading the disease to any other patients in the hospital.